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We have set up our knowledge centre as a Public Wiki to provide a community repository of information that is relevant to those who use PYXIS technology. It contains background information about PYXIS technology as well as instructions for using PYXIS products.
In accordance with the Wiki philosophy, every individual who uses the PYXIS Public Wiki is asked to contribute to it. Ask a question, answer one. Add your opinion. Refine the collective knowledge. Correct errors or omissions directly or enter them as discussions on the page in question.
PYXIS Internal Wiki

the PYXIS innovation uses...

...location to organize and integrate the flow of information for rapid knowledge creation and evidence based decision making.

Our physical domain is characterized by a rapid and unlimited growth of global information. Data describing location is held in silos across organizational domains. Do you lack the access and the context to transform this data into knowledge? PYXIS WorldView™ is a platform for data access, self-organization, visualization and analysis.

The Geospatial Web or Geoweb is...

...a relatively new term that implies the merging of geographical (location-based) information with the abstract information that currently dominates the Internet. This capability provides an environment where one can search for things based on location instead of by keyword only – i.e. “What is Here?”.

The PYXIS Digital Earth Reference Model forms common data structure to formalize the Geoweb. With the PYXIS DERM one can participate in the Geoweb, promoting access to your data streams and applications.

Preview PYXIS WorldView™ Pipeline

PIPELINE Editor.jpg

PYXIS WorldView™ is built on a powerful geospatial pipeline called the PYXIS Information Processing Engine (PIPE)™. In this example, a visual output of a pipeline is shown that blends several images: NASA Blue Marble Next Generation, World 2' Elevations, NASA Current Daily Afternoon Composite, North America Land Cover, UNEP-WCMC World Database of Protected Areas, World Political Boundaries, and NASAs World at Night. These are all fused on-demand ready for analysis or display.

Below the Pipeline is a picture of the results. Note the cell attributes from all data sets are displayed in the Properties Window below the Library.

Multisource Data.jpg
Multisource Data Detail.jpg

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