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  1. File Menu - The File Menu includes commands for opening, saving and closing files.
  2. Edit Menu - The Edit Menu commands allow you to undo or redo the actions that you perform in WorldView.
  3. View Menu - The View Menu provides options for displaying or hiding the Library and the Properties.
  4. Help Menu - The Help Menu allows you to open the user help for WorldView, or find information about the version of WorldView you are running.
  5. ViewPoint/Pipeline Editor Tabs - Click a tab to switch from one ViewPoint to another, or to switch to an open Pipeline Editor window. You can also click the arrow at the right of the tab to access a drop-down list of commands for viewpoints or pipelines.
  6. Ribbon Menu - The Ribbon Menu houses all the WorldView commands/operations that are available every time you run WorldView. These commands can be executed by clicking the various buttons and check boxes in the Ribbon Menu. For more information, see Ribbon Menu.
  7. Search Bar - Use the Search Bar to enter a string to search for.
  8. Search Button - Click the Search GeoWeb button to search published pipelines or geodata on the Internet for the specified search string.
  9. Library - The Library displays the pipelines to your data sources.
  10. Pipeline Status - Indicates whether the corresponding pipeline is currently shown (green), hidden (brown), or available via the Internet (blue).
  11. Pipeline Names - The names of the pipelines appear in the Library window. You can click the Name column heading to sort the pipelines by name.
  12. Pipeline Descriptions - The descriptions of the pipelines appear in the Library. You can click the Description column heading to sort the pipelines by description.
  13. Properties - Displays information about the data at the current cursor position.
  14. Compass - Indicates the current orientation of the ViewPoint. As you rotate the globe, the compass also rotates such that the small arrow points to North.
  15. Globe - The current visualization of your pipeline. You can manipulate the view using the mouse and keyboard.
  16. Status Bar - The Status Bar displays information about your network connection status as well as the current view, including the cursor location (in either Lat/Lon or PYXIS coordinates), the altitude, and the resolution.

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