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This page contains all of the different data formats supported by the PYXIS toolkit.

List of known types used in PYXIS

Raster/Elevation Data Sources

Long Format Name Extension
Arc/Info ASCII Grid AAIGrid
Arc/Info Binary Grid .adf
Compressed Arc Digitized Raster Graphic CADRG .tl2
Hierarchical Data Format Release 4 .HDF4
Hierarchical Data Format Release 5 .HDF5
GEODAS Grid Data Format - "GRD98" .g98
Erdas Imagine .img
JPEG JFIF .jpg/.jpeg
Multi-resolution Seamless Image Database .sid
Network Common Data Form NetCDF .cdf
Oracle Spatial GeoRaster Oracle
TIFF / GeoTIFF .tif/.tiff
OGC Web Coverage Service WCS
OGC Web Map Service WMS
WMO Gridded Binary Image GRIB .grb

Vector/Feature Data Sources

Long Format Name Extension
ESRI Shape .shp
GML .gml
KML .kml
Mapinfo File .tab
Vector Map (Vector Smart Map) .toc (VMAP)
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet .xlsx/.xls

Adding another format

Using the template

If you would like to add a new data source format to the Wiki please create it with the Data Format Template at the top of your descriptive page. The simplest way to do this is to:

  • Edit this page
  • Add this line to the text:
 {{Data Format| name=<Data Source Type Name>| type=<Raster, Elevation, Vector etc.>}} 
  • Fill in the appropriate information and copy the line.
  • Press the preview button and follow the link that is created by the template.
  • Paste the line of text into the top of the new page and save.

Type of information to include

In addition to the template you are encouraged to add as much information about the data format as you have. Some valuable information would include:

  • Basic Description and purpose for the data source.
  • Types of sensors used to create the data.
  • The source (company or organization) that provides the data.
  • Standards that govern the data.
  • How we read the data (GDAL, OGR, Custom PYXIS...)
  • Links for more information.
  • Technical information
  • Internal structure of data

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