Our experience has shaped us with two shared beliefs that drive us every day:
We need to make a difference and we disdain mediocrity.

Perry Peterson, Dipl. Tech, B.Eng.

President, CEO, and founder of the PYXIS Innovation

Perry Peterson is the President, CEO, and founder of the PYXIS Innovation and creator of the PYXIS digital-Earth spatial reference system . Perry believes in the sacredness of the human journey as a story of growth and discovery. He also believes our emerging dominance comes with the urgent responsibility to wisely connect our decisions with consequences. Perry is recognized as the passionate driver of a new medium for our collective questions about Earth and its systems. His ideas for improving stewardship are a result of his diverse experiences as a father, a traveler, a professional engineer, a professor of geomatics, a successful entrepreneur, a software creator, a military pilot, a carpenter, a poet and song writer, a picker of wild blueberries and paddler of canoes. He is the creator of the PYXIS digital-Earth spatial reference system. His leadership and guidance attracts a diverse team of scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and geographers dedicated to building and supporting this new digital-Earth information medium. His efforts are recognized by thought leaders within many geospatial focused organizations including: the Open Geospatial Consortium; the International Group on Earth Observations; the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency; NASA; Natural Resources Canada; the United Nations Environmental Program; the Global Biodiversity Information Facility and Geoscience Australia.

Idan Shatz, B.Sc., M.Sc.

VP Product Development

As the Software Architect for the PYXIS WorldView Platform, Idan's integrity and attention to detail is key to our corporate success. Growing up on a kibbutz, the communal lifestyle gave him insight and gratitude for the world that surrounded him; his passion for technology and his curiosity led him to be a bit like a 'black sheep' technophile. His exceptional capabilities led him to such projects as redesigning the User Interface for Israeli Military Intelligence.

Always seeking new adventures, he relocated to Calgary when his partner accepted a Master's position at the University of Calgary. His graphic design capabilities, with his degree in Software Engineering, enabled him to be technically creative, satisfying his desire to developing intelligent solutions in complex environments like the WorldView Platform.

Vanessa Pizzinato, Dipl. Industrial Design

VP Marketing and Communications

With a desire to weave stories and provide tangible results, Vanessa is responsible for the PYXIS brand and broadening WorldView's collaborators and consumers. She has 20+ years' experience developing internationally award winning brands, websites and integrated marketing platforms that met her clients' vision and mandates. As a graduate from Canada's 'University of Imagination' OCAD, she has a collaborative approach to product development while meeting the demands of the corporate shareholders.

Her aversion to boredom and thirst for 'different' peppers her experience from the mundane to the fantastic. After ten successful years with her own agency, she was drawn to tell a story that was bigger than her; Vanessa's 'Happy Place' - where challenges and strategies converge - where intrigue and interest flow is found at PYXIS.

Mike Reynolds, B.Comm, CFA

VP Strategic Partnerships

Mike dedicates himself to the growth and prosperity of PYXIS by developing strategic business partnerships. He has been involved in several turnaround, merger, acquisition and divestiture mandates applying his business development, corporate finance, and problem solving expertise. His intrinsic understanding of what drives value within companies helps in identifying and crafting strategic relationships for special situation companies. Over the years, he has worked on assignments for Bank of America, GE Capital, and several leading venture capital, private equity, and high net worth financed organizations facing unique growth or value creation challenges.

Mike's passion is identifying and understand problems and opportunities through in-depth analysis. He is a power user of the WorldView Studio and it is this passion that fuels his belief that the PYXIS product suite is ideal for future decision makers.

Colleen Johnson, Dipl. Tech., BA

VP Support Services

Colleen's support crosses all functional areas from Development and Implementation, to Infrastructure, Human Resources, Sales and Business Development. Her unique blend of degrees in Architectural History and Sculpture, followed by Civil Engineering, developed her skills in analysis, aesthetic and design. Her insightful understanding of people, their personalities, and needs provides contribute to her ability to provide solutions and results.

As co-founder of PYXIS, she has managed military GeoInt and interoperability testbed projects, international biodiversity projects, and continues to work closely with our R&D, software development and marketing teams.

She is captivated by PYXIS's technical ability to meet difficult geospatial demands and in awe of the beauty that this provides through WorldView.

Wade Hardman

Creative Director

To quote Dieter Rams, 'Good design is as little design as possible.' This encapsulates Wade's desire to translate information and concepts into visually engaging, psychologically appealing design. His overarching philosophy is to create elegant, functional designs that focus on the user. His extensive experience working with clients including Motorola, Hershey, Toronto Star, SC Johnson, TD Canada Trust, Fairmount and BMW provided him with the acumen to solidify the marketing vision while maintaining balance with corporate requirements.

Wade's interests - in film making, animation and music - have coalesced with his professional skills. His cross-disciplinary approach is uniquely valuable to the PYXIS team. His attention to detail, and his focus on using new technology to serve design goals, makes developing the WorldView platform a welcome challenge.

Logan Rakai, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Manager Web Application Infrastructure

Logan's attention to details, devotion to web development theories, methodologies and practices, and his need for hands-on knowledge are key to his performance. He is the perfect manager for our web infrastructure with its complex requirements of the PYXIS technologies and products.

A self-proclaimed 'small town' guy, hard work and family values are his foundation. After obtaining his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, specializing in large-scale optimization and automated design, he learned that working within the intimate setting of a smaller organization was better suited to his lifestyle and personality. PYXIS provides him with the challenges and learning opportunities that he craves. He is part of a strong, adaptable, and responsive team focused on a long-term vision that will successfully bring a disruptive technology to the world.

Nader Hamekasi, B.Sc., M.Sc.

Manager Cloud Infrastructure

Nader leads PYXIS' technologies, data, services and cloud management. His determination is evident. As a student, he was in the top 5% nationally and accepted to Iran's prestigious National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents and Tehran's Polytechnic University. The rational methodologies and goal oriented focus of the program aligned with his own approach to problem solving. While working, he was inspired to pursue his Master's Degree at the University of Calgary when he attended to a lecture given by Dr. Faramarz Samavati.

Joining PYXIS was the perfect fit! It combined his passion for order, learning and IT adventures. It is here that he is most comfortable, as it embodies qualities that enable him to express himself and contribute to the happiness of this world.

Ryan Taylor, Dipl Tech

Manager Strategic Community Development

Ryan's love for developing processes and strategies that entice and engage individuals in new online technologies suits him perfectly as the strategic development lead for PYXIS. Working closely with key stakeholders, Ryan's detailed research and analysis informs and guides the creation of an online medium to share maps and information to empower both collaborators and decision makers alike.

His previous position at RIM provided extensive experience in all areas of the software lifecycle: gathering requirements, design, technical writing, business processes, and project management. Earning diplomas in Civil and Software Engineering satisfied both his practical and theoretical curiosity. Working with PYXIS, he strives to ensure its successful growth within the marketplace and is excited to provide a new social sharing platform that will disrupt the GIS marketplace.