This is a place of natural resources where critical decisions are made about the wise use of our energy, forests, soil, rock, water, wildlife and landscapes.

What is happening here now?

It is the great outdoors. We want to know how to build value from an abundance of natural resources. Development and conservation meet here. People create business and strategic plans, private and public partnerships, and policies and regulations. PYXIS is a platform for accessing open data. It is a tool for exploration, protection, procurement, operating, tracking, monitoring and responding. Our well-being is happening here.

PYXIS at a Regional Level

If you are interested in profitably exploiting radiation from the sun there are opportunities to use solar heating, solar photovoltaics, solar thermal electricity, solar architecture or artificial photosynthesis if you can understand the constraints. From remote sensing sources you will need historic measurements of solar radiation. From the regional authorities you will need cadastral property plans and the location of transportation and electrical transmission routes. You will need to know where the consumers of the power are located. You will want to avoid protected areas but access to land is vital. Property plans and land ownership, regulatory areas, existing developments, existing water courses and terrain are all important, too.

All of these vital sources of information are geospatial – they represent something happening at a place or places on a map.

When all these pieces of information are integrated together, the decision-maker can ask, "Where is it? Where is the ideal place for our solar farm?" If a potential site is being considered the decision-maker wants to ask, "What else is here?"

The PYXIS Platform is a simple way to stream all these data sources to the decision-maker so they can ask the questions they need to answer independently. It's that simple.

See PYXIS Used in Action Regionally