This is a whole geography – land, water and sky – where evidenced-based decisions prepare, respond and secure.

What is happening here now?

This is the place that defines who we are. A proud people are stewards of common ground. We share food, health, energy, education, natural disasters, security, material goods...and bads. We expect peace and prosperity, freedom, and the basic necessities. PYXIS provides the platform to plan, implement and respond to the ever changing elements of our nation. It is a tool for situation awareness. Nation building is happening here.

PYXIS at a National Level

There is an unusual storm front forming over the mountains. A river flows through a city not far from the mountain streams that enter the river. What will happen here is a question people want answered, and fast! Satellite sensors and ground based measurements provide clues of high rainfall intensity and duration, flow in the streams, land classification, wind, and soil conditions. Terrain models allow for the delineation of the catchment area and flood models. A historically large flash flood is expected within the next 12 hours. Warnings are sent to media with an outline of the potential flood areas. As the flood rises, land use maps are integrated with radar imagery to confirm the population effected by the flood. Twitter feeds begin to include requests for help. First responders implement their mobile command and control systems. Citizen responders want to help with machines and supplies. Many people are asking, "Where are the places where we can make a difference?"

As the flood water recede, the damage appears formidable. With all the pieces of information integrated together the decision-maker can ask, "What has happened here?" Lives of people have changed forever. Supply chains disrupted. Local, regional and national governments respond along with private insurance companies to assess and categorize damages. Helping people with food and shelter is a priority. Rebuilding infrastructure may take billions of dollars. Learning lessons can assist policy making and future planning priorities.

The PYXIS Platform is a simple way to stream all these data sources to the decision-maker so they can ask the questions they need to answer independently. It's that simple.

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