This is a place where the infrastructure in the ground, the pavement on the street, real estate, garbage collection, shopping malls, buses and taxis, concerts and crime all merge.

What is happening here now?

Most of us live our lives right here. We are curious and want to know more. What is going on? PYXIS provides the platform for disseminating important local information. It is a medium like the local newspaper, television, or radio. Life is what is happening here.

PYXIS at a Local Level

If you are an economic development officer you need to publish all the information that will help the decision-maker – a business – settle here. From the local real estate board you want a description of the properties on the market. From the national census office you want demographics of the work force. From the public health unit you want some measurement of the community's well-being. From the police, a distribution of crime. From the municipal engineering office the location, and capacity of roads and services. From the municipal planning office the master plan, zoning and other by-laws effecting future and existing development. From regional planners there are transportation concerns. From environmental agencies regulations and approvals for changing air, water, and land. From conservation authorities flood hazards, protected areas, and erosion control. And many more pieces of specialized information from climate trends to soil conditions to public transportation routes. All of these sources of information are geospatial – they represent something happening at a place or places on a map.

When all these pieces of information are integrated together, the decision-maker can ask, "Where is it? Where is the ideal place for my business?" If a potential site is being considered the decision-maker wants to ask, "What else is here?"

The PYXIS Platform is a simple way to stream all these data sources to the decision-maker so they can ask the questions they need to be answer independently. It's that simple.

See PYXIS Used in Action Locally