This is a place where the water, the seasons, the rain, the biodiversity, the trade routes, the commodities, the communication channels, the conflicts and acts of compassion run
between us.

What is happening here now?

We belong here. The changes that occur here affect every aspect of our lives. Our societies, economies and environment share the whole planet and the impact of change. Global challenges are complex and the causes and effects are intertwined into a web that is hard to disentangle. "We cannot manage what we cannot measure." PYXIS provides the platform for accessing and comparing Earth observations and measurements that help our understanding. Everything is happening here.

PYXIS at a Global Scale

A drought has hit a large area of the Amazonian rainforest. It's the third drought in the last 10 years. NASA scientists want to determine its effect on the planet. The loss of trees means less carbon coming out of the air and the decaying vegetation means more carbon being replenished. The scientists must combine many years of data to define the meaning of a normal amount of rain over this area of the globe. Although there is a lot of data available in various forms, integrating all the data is a hard problem. Measurements must align with each other or the comparison is not useful. The overall health of the vegetation is determined in a similar comparison. Finally, the type of vegetation present in the forests is classified. Now the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere can be determined. It took several months to complete this study using conventional methods. With PYXIS it takes about two days. The difference is the efficiency of data integration.

You can watch a video demonstration of the experiment.

When all these pieces of information are integrated together, the decision-maker can ask, "Where is the drought severe? What was the result of the drought?"

The PYXIS Platform is a simple way to stream all these data sources to the decision-maker so they can ask the questions they need to answer independently. It's that simple.

See PYXIS Used in Action Globally