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If you support your decisions with map information, but need more content, choices and control, try the PYXIS Studio. Connect to a world of real-time sensors, cool map data, and space based measurements. The PYXIS Studio features robust data handling, content integration, and scientific analysis capabilities. It's so simple that it's used in classrooms where young students are learning geography. You don't know until you search the world.

The PYXIS Studio is FREE for anyone to use!
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The PYXIS Difference: A Digital Earth
Digital Earth is all about asking questions: "Where is it?" and "What is here?" It helps to communicate complex ideas more clearly and support informed and evidence-based decision-making. However, geospatial data requires the context of other geospatial data to be of value. For example, the locations of protected parklands are of much more value if combined with roads, rivers, schools, elevations, and land use. Combining and fusing data sources into a single product is a very very hard problem.
PYXIS solves the complexity of combining geospatial data
so anyone can participate in Digital Earth.
The new digital Earth reference retains accuracy anywhere on Earth, at any scale, with any data.
The PYXIS Studio is an intuitive and visually interactive method to discover authoritative sources of information while navigating a high fidelity representation of the Earth. The advantage of PYXIS Gallery online platform is that you can bring the content you need into your own Studio with a powerful search engine that helps you find information to describe physical things, places, and occurrences in the world. You discover and acquire the facts without expert assistance or pre-integrated solutions accessing over 30,000 authoritative data sources.
Over 30,000 authoritative data sources available.
The PYXIS Studio is a free and automated environment for seamlessly combining geospatial content. The advantage is that you build your own smart maps unassisted and on-the-fly. With advanced analytical capabilities that preserve data resolution, accuracy, and precision over the entire globe at any scale as well as adding your very own data. The Studio can read ANY Geographic Information System file format and, with the Studio, you can add 100x more concurrent information than conventional consumer web map products like Google Maps.
The PYXIS Studio is a simple way to rapidly mashup, assess, and visualize real-time, dynamic and distributed Big Data. You can explore by posing "Where is it?" or "What is here?" type questions. The advantage is that you ask questions yourself without any special training, high performance computers, or expensive geographic information system software. PYXIS features a powerful pipe and filter architecture so that advanced users can customize and chain their analyses and modeling processes; you can access data 10x faster than sophisticated web-based Geographic Information Systems.
You can join the growing community of contributors participating in Digital Earth. The PYXIS Studio includes the ability to publish your content to a personal cloud-based Gallery as a stylized content rich map card. Your PYXIS Gallery is a searchable, secure, digital marketplace that can attract unanticipated users who can discover and acquire its content. It's a way you can connect and share your valuable insight, content, analysis with a community of geospatial data creators and users. See the Gallery page for more information.
All Studio content, Galleries, and Channels include Private/Public, Open/Closed, and Editable/Noneditable access controls.
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