WorldView™ Gallery
If you have location-based information and need to deliver it to others, the WorldView™ Gallery is an attractive on-line digital media store for sharing content. Publish all your data fast – Big Data, dynamic data, mobile data, and linked data. Build a brand, message customers, customize terms, and monitor use. Your authoritative content can be discovered and acquired by anyone without the high overhead of developing your own storefront, geoportal, or digital delivery system. Participate in a global community making important decisions.

Starting at $500/month you can publish your data to the world now.
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The WorldView™ Difference:
The Unanticipated User
A New Generation of decision-makers expect to build their knowledge without the constraints of expensive middle integrators. These decision-makers have grown in sophistication and routinely navigate time and space, mine the web for interesting information, and share their insights with others. They are always connected. They are experts who demand choices and control over their own experience. They expect all the information without delay.

At the PYXIS innovation we specialize in exposing your map content to this growing market of unanticipated decision-makers.
Publishing big, dynamic, geospatially referenced data in a useful way can be onerous. The WorldView™ advantage is that you can drag and drop your source data into the WorldView™ Studio; combine and customize it as you like; then publish as a map card. Your data is now available, in your branded WorldView™ Gallery, to billions of people searching the Web. Delivery is fast and ready-to-use in streams of intelligent and secure GeoPackets™.
Excellence in business means maintaining connections with customers. Brand and expose your WorldView Gallery; message your users; alert them to updates; and suggest new products. You define the terms of use and the transaction model that works for you and your customers. Your brand and license remain connected to the data wherever it is shared within the WorldView™ Platform.
Maintain control over your important data assets. Set content discovery to public or private; secure user access with password protection; and confine access to specific spatial extents and resolutions. In wiki type mode, allow people to Add, Modify, or Delete content in collaboration with others. Delivery of raw GIS data is a choice rather than a requirement. Digital Rights Management is a key feature.
Build a better business by understanding your customer. Enable comments on your WorldView™ Gallery and map cards, accept suggestions, and monitor usage. Gallery analytics provide you with a bird’s eye view of your content use wherever it is on the WorldView™ Platform. Situation awareness is an important service PYXIS provides to you.
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