WorldView™ Channel
If you organize your enterpriseís quality information assets, you know that the wealth of its location-based content can only be realized when it is used. The WorldView™ Channel provides a common web-based interface to open up and organize individual, team, and thematic location-based data stores. The Gallery is a store... the Channel is the shopping mall.

Create a Channel for $2,600/month. Start assigning passwords and let the data work for you.
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The WorldView™ Difference: A Digital Marketplace
The world has changed. Even though decision-makers are empowered with tools, information, and choices, they must still rely on others to build their maps where rich geospatial information is locked up. Organizations that create the content used to make these maps rely on inefficient methods to distribute their assets to the intermediary map making analysts. The advantage of WorldView™ is that accessing and using information no longer requires the assistance of an analyst. You build a digital marketplace that streams content directly to end-users who create their own maps on-the-fly.
Plug In
Investing in IT infrastructure is expensive and changes are hard. The WorldView™ Channel allows your organization to plug into existing file transfer systems, spatial data infrastructure, and open web service architectures without interfering with the business process that are in place. The WorldView Channel provides a common interface for end-users to discover and uses your organizations content even across a multitude of internal deployments. Itís user friendly.
Web applications that organize content can be cool. Your organization will use web widgets to customize your WorldView™ Channel. Expose and promote content with a custom location-based search engine; group search content based on themes and statistics like most popular, newest data, or special deals; allow free form search on tags, metadata, and content attribution; and generate word clouds. Add attractive banners, advertisement, how to videos, and messaging to your Channel.
Securing the access and use of your assets is vital. You have full control over security with a range of deployment options: a firewall client server intranet, fully cloud-based service, and even a peer-to-peer network. WorldView™ can handle Big Data analysis without putting stress on your servers as the end-user does analysis locally. You do not have to distribute your raw data as the data stream encodes and encrypts the information in a secure GeoPacket eliminating the need to download raw data to the local client.
Build a Community
There is a world full of data out there: You do not need to build it all. Set your Channel to search over the entire WorldView™ Platform. Often content providers are faced with the dilemma that their important geospatial data is of little value without the context of other data sources. This leads an organization to choose a limited business model that delivers content to GIS intermediaries or to incur the expense of building and maintaining map products and applications that feature their data. Decision-makers combine their own maps and applications: individual sources of content are fully valued. This is a new community that is building a geospatial web we call Digital Earth.
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